First character controller make unity crash at startup

i have a simple 3d project with a terrain.
If i build apk and install into android 6, all works fine.

If i add a first character controller from assets, and i build, application don’t starts.
If i run the app, i see the splash screen and after seconds, application dies.

the only thing i saw on logcati is this :
ActivityManager: Permission Denial: getCurrentUser() from pid=8831, uid=10151 requires android.permission.INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS

why does not application ask for permission at runtime?

are you using the default assets from unity


import package

yes i am using that, why?

make sure your using the prefab… try using both characters to see which one works…FPSController should work fine. if that is the one you are using try deleting it and placing it back and when you do this make sure that you don’t have any other cameras in your scene.
I had this issue in my programming class