First game, 2 weeks and stuck

I’m making my first game just over two weeks and now I’m stuck.

I have 2 ideas I wanted to implement, and I’m not getting forward in development.

1 - Add the side bars and the spiked bal as power ups.

Im having trouble realizing how i need to animate the transitions.

Do I make the animations on Blender then i activate them by script on Unity ?

Can I animate the transitions using Translate/Transform/Lerp in Unity?

2 - Add a collision detection game mechanic to count and change the cones material when they were hit by the car/bars/ball.

Im having trouble here with the OnCollisionEnter() function
everytime i try to call Collision.contacts[0] unity logs: ‘contacts’ is not a member of ‘Collision’.

I am stuck with this problems for at least 3 days… Can anyone help me please?

Here is a short GIF of my first game and the web player link:
>>>>> Web Player <<<<<

Im from Brazil, sorry about some grammar errors.

alt text

First things first. The game looks great :slight_smile: I smiled a lot, when I tried the webplayer build.

Second. I don’t know if your doing it in javascript or C#, so my examples are in C#.

  1. I’m a programmer, so I would probably do the animation by script. Add a particle effect with some cloud-like particles to give a puff-effect. And then just add the part to the vehicle.

  2. If you use OnCollisionEnter, then it should be of the form:

    private void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)

    ContactPoint contact = collision.contacts[0];

    // … More code


If you use Collision.contacts[0], then it will think you are trying to access contacts on the type and not the variable.