First person camera jump through window!

Does anyone know how to make a fps camera jump through a window, like in granny where you go to the window and if you press the interact button the character jumps through the window.

Or in welcome to the game 2 where the character jumps the fence when you click the left mouse button next to the fence.

You don’t need to make a script for me i just want to know how it would be done, like do I use translate or ?

I know this is very complicated any help would be greatly appreciated

I would personally have an animation set up(Going through window) and in the script use Vector3.distance and make it so if the player is close enough and if the button is pressed then the animation is played. If you make it so the animation doesn’t move the player then you can just add something in the script to move the player. If you need anymore help please ask.


bro how to move into the window because there was a collider in myhouse mesh , if i resize the player collider he falls down like crounch and agian he collides . what to do next hannnnn i am exhausted

and there is noting in youtube also