First Person Camera Pixelation

I’m beginner at unity and I would love to get better at it. I was just wonder what’s the best way of making the first person camera render the world in really low resolution that it makes everything really pixelated.
An example of this is in the free game Bernband. This really inspires me and I was wondering how the camera was made to look like that. I asked the dev but wasn’t able to get a response. I know how all the characters in the game were made and I’ve been able to replicate that. Its just that I’m unable to replicate the camera.

I’ve tried to use two cameras one being the first person camera and one slightly in front. I tried to make a render texture (256 by 256) that I put on a quad that went between the two cameras. First camera looking at the texture on the quad and the second camera just in front of the quad. I attached the quad and the second camera to the first camera but it didn’t work. The quad was some how out of sight even though I made sure of its positioning. Anyway, is what I attempted the best way to do it and I just got it wrong or is there a better way?98170-hypbernband.png

Any advice is appreciated. Cheers.

Your approach is nearly correct, but you don’t need a quad or second camera - you need to render your game camera onto a low-resolution rendertexture and then blit it to the screen. Described in more detail complete with sample code here: Is it possible to make unity's camera render in chunky pixels? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions