First person capabilities

What are the control and movement capabilities? Obviously you have forwards/backwards/left/right/jump/crouch and look around.

But can you also have things like punch/kick/spin/slide/grab/sprint etc. and be able to see the characters appendages or weapon animated movement in the first person viewpoint?

I guess the last part would be like having the camera POV of a third-person model.

I'm not really sure what you mean by your question, and can't see how it can be fit as a question about anything unity-engine related but anyways, as for the "movement capabilities" it's pretty much up to you and your team as developers to decide on what actions will be possible to be performed by the player, since this has to do with the gameplay element of the game. But yes, kicking, punshing, sliding and grabbing etc are fully possible.

Usually in FPS games the players weapon is a model of only the gun and arms of a character, in some cases a full character game model are used but usually if the player is supposed to be able to see his/her own shoulders, legs and whatever when looking down.

And again, I don't really understood your question so I apologise if I misunderstood it.