First Person Character problem

I wanted to use the standard first person character in one of my projects, but there are only two options:

1- The almost ALIEN character that can literally climb mountains with feet only by jumping indefinitely.

2- The camera that doesn’t make any sound and is kinda creepy.

The problem is that… you know… the first one can climb almost anything, including the terrain! I have some mountains in my terrain but it is ridiculous the fact that i can literally climb them just by pressing space bar repeatedly. How do i “remove” this? I tried everything that i know, but i couldn’t solve it. It’s really annoying…

Your best bet is to delve into some scripting tutorials and try to write a better controller script yourself.

Currently in our project we are using an extended version of the base first person rigidbody controller script, with all the unused functionality stripped out for performance.

try having a look at Asset Store Basics - Unity Learn

to get started, as well as :

as those are good starting points for this camera view and scripting in general.

good luck and have fun! :slight_smile: dont be afraid to experiment and make some mistakes!