First Person Controller Collider

At the moment, we are using the first person controller from the standard assets package. My problem is that the capsule collider on our character is not reacting to other colliders as it should. If you walk up to an object with a collider, it does in fact stop you’re movement as it should. However, if you stand directly infront of the game object and look down (using the mouse), the player capsule rotates and breaks right through the game object collider. In other words, the colliders react properly when trying to move through a wall, but if you stand right up against the wall and look down, the capsule rotates forward and breaks right through the wall collider. Any suggestions as to how I can prevent this from happening?

Im not sure, but on what part of the first person controller do you have the capsule attached? Because if you put it on the controller itself, and NOT on the biped, then it should work fine. Else you could make the capsule bigger, but this will make you stand further from the objects, but the character itself wont touch them anymore.