First Person Controller falls through terrain in Windows build

Hi guys,

I’ve got a huge problem with the windows standalone build of my game. When I test the game inside Unity by pressing play, everything works well. When I build the game for Mac computers, it also works well. But when I build the game for Windows computers and try to run that build, the first person controller falls right through the terrain. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve played with the colliders on the FPC and terrain but no luck.

Is this a glitch with Unity, or do I need some special colliders that the Mac versions don’t need?

I built the game on a Mac desktop and the Windows build does not work on any windows computer.

And yes, the FPC is high in the air. It’s not close to the terrain. It drops onto the terrain and collides successfully on Mac builds.

This can happen if your controller isn’t above the terrain trying move it up.

I found very interesting thing… I had same problem in unity5. When I modifyed my terrain height, i can fall trought the mountains, but stopped at the 0 flatten lefel of the terrain. You just need go to the terrain properties press the flatten button, then test the game, and make sure your character isn’t falls througt again, then exit play mode, press ctrl+z and test again. Now hopefully, you won’t fall throught your mountaints/terrain.

Terrain collider gets buggy in Unity 5. Saving scene worked for me (or save it and then load again).

I have this same problem. All of my builds worked just fine for months, everything works in unity editor. But now any new build the character controller falls through the terrain (sometime right at start, sometime a few seconds into game) I’ve tried everything thinking maybe the build files or the terrain files were corrupted. I see this is an older question, anyone ever figure something out?