first person controller prefab

how to make or get the first person controller prefab

Import the Standard Assets package either when you create a new project, or go to "assets/import new package". The standard packages folder is inside your Unity application folder.

In more detail : Right click on project panel -> Import package -> search the directory where you install unity3d (e.g C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Standard Packages) -> choose Character Controller.

After that, there will be a folder called Character Controller which is a sub folder of Standard Assets, click it and choose First Person Controller prefab, and drag it to the scene.

Import the Prefab from the "Standard Assets" Package. It comes standard when you download Unity. Make sure when you add it into your game that it isn't touching any object, or you won't be able to move.

If you don't have the Standard Assests package, you can download it independently from the Unity website or download the "Island Demo" level for the package plus a bunch of effects, textures, etc.


C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Standard Packages (Inside Unity) Standard Assets>Character Controller>First Person Controller Prefab

Gracias! Me salvaron… hace rato que estoy peleando con el programa porque no me venía con ningún Asset… y tuve que buscarlo por todos lados y luego importe la carpeta directamente al programa y aún no tenia el First Person Controller,pero hice eso de poner en Import Package y lo busqué de donde lo descargué y me funcionó! :smiley:

I did it and it couldnt decoompress :S

You might have to set GRAVITY MULTIPLIER to 0 otherwise you will start falling.
FPSController >>> First Person Controller >>> Gravity Multiplier 0