First person controller- Random Jump

I’m using the First Person Controller found in the standard assets package. As I move around our level, the controller is randomly (at least it seems random) jumping way up in the air and coming back down. The only collider attached to the controller is “Graphic,” the capsule collider that comes with the controller. I’m using all the default code that comes with the controller, so I don’t see a need for me to post it since I haven’t revised it. Has anybody had a similar problem of inconsistency with the first person controller? Any ideas on how I might go about solving this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

I used the F P Controller a lot, and never saw this issue. Could you have some problem with the Input Manager settings? The default settings have 2 Jump buttons - maybe one of them has been changed by mistake, and is screwing things up. You can open the Input Manager and click Reset in the “gear” button on the right side (but be aware that any other input changes you may have made will be lost too!)