First Person controller turned into a rocket ship

so in a project i implemented the standard asset 1st person character controller

it worked great. over time i have been building up my little game world and recently i was working on some GUI elements when all of the sudden whenever i play the player would suddenly and randomly go from its current y position to a y position so large it can only be expressed in massive exponentials in a matter of instants.

now the majority of the time it happens when i press space/jump, but it also happens sometimes when i walk into a random spot. now it doesnt always happen when i jump and its never the same spot either

there are no external forces involved the only constant force is default gravity. i did not mod any of the default scripts at the time of its occurrence i was just working on GUIs there are no message sends to the player besides "apply_damage" and his weapons have already been prevented from causing interactions.

any ideas please!? -atm i havent even a faintest clue where to look for the problem, even a thought there would be welcome

Are you applying a force to a rigidbody in Update()? Forces should be applied to rigidbodies in FixedUpdate(). No idea if this is related, but getting goofy results from the physics could be because of this.

so i figured what i did wrong i was modding another script that automatically added a rigidbody to my character at first i didnt realize the implications of all of that

problem solved