First Person Controller vs. Character (Penelope Tutorial)

July 13th - start of posting Good evening! Currently, I am reviewing Will Goldstone's tutorials. These tutorials are great and highly recommended. I am trying to take Will's lessons of touching the door of the house and trying to have Penelope's character open the door of the house. I have spent hours trying to get this work but to no avail. The tutorial talks about add the scripts to the First person controller. However, I have character and am not using the first person controller. Just wondering how I can create animation and interactions with a character but not link it to a First Person Controller but add it to the Penelope Tutorial character. Any assistance would be most appreciated. Take care - Julie

July 14th (removed old pics) Maybe this will clarify a bit. I want to just have the door open by taking my player character and hitting the door trigger. I can't for the life of me figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

July 15th - 9:06pm

Hopefully, I am getting closer but still can't seem to get it. I know I am missing something. This is what I have now. I added the Rigidbody and box collider to the player. I also revised scripts to the door. I am using iPhone 1.7 development and have three scenes of the Penelope Tutorial. I just want my player to click the door and open it. I can't see to figure it out. Any help is truly appreciated! Take care - Julie

On the door object write this:

function OnTriggerEnter(other : Collider){
      // open door

Realization - Upon trying to resolve this task and spending hours trying to find a solution sometimes we need to take a step back. In taking a step back, I realized I need to better understand the basics of programming first and features in which Unity 3d has to offer. So I started reviewing the tutorials at for the iPhone development. This has really helped understand how scripting in should be utilized in the program. Thank you for everyone's help in trying to resolve my issue. Take care - Jules