First Person Controller won't move or falls through terrain in game / play

My first walkthrough with 4.3: created a basic terrain, visible in scene view; but in game view /play nothing moves. I add the first person controller, scale is x=1 y=2 z=1. I drag it onto the scene, but in play it either won’t move at all or floats below the terrain; regardless, I can’t control it and need the simplest solutions). TIA.

Hey, welcome to Unity. First thing to try is to set your player just slightly above the terrain. Hope that helps. God bless.

Did you see these 1st Person options in your panel? Only one of them appears as a graphic, a cylinder.

From left to right, I see all of these options (with boxes checked):
-2nd side scroller (with cylinder in preview window)

  • camera relative controls
  • dual joystick
  • dual touchpad
  • first person controls
  • first person tilt controls
  • player relative controls
  • roll a ball
  • single joystick
  • single touchpad
  • skybox import settings
  • text to map controls.

Again, thanks; am mucho confuso’d.

Put your Min Move Distance on 0!