First Person Legs.

Hi Unity Community,

My current project is a first person shooter game, all about immersion. And with immersion in mind I would like to have the ability for my player to look down and see their own legs.

I already have a character fully animated with per bone hit detection and everything, which is simply made invisible to the player so that in first person they can't see their character's torso and arms clipping about in the camera's path. The problem of course is that then you can't see your animated legs as you walk.

Would anyone happen to have some guidelines on how to essentially hide the top portion of my character mesh so that only his legs show?

Thanks. -Puddin

You can always make another mesh with just legs in it. Otherwise you can add some alpha-texture with aplpha-cut/aplha-blend shader.

The best way would be Paulius' answer.

But you could also try to adjust the near clipping plane of the players camera.

Is the problem that the camera is to close to the legs to actually see them, so it clips them?

If so, try changing the plane clipping in the camera settings... Should work =).