First-Person Picking up objects for a Mobile Game

What would be the best approach for this. It’s for a Mobile First-Person Game.
There are objects called Bat, Tennis Racket, Ball. When the player approaches the object and looks at it there would be a ‘hand’ texture indicating it can be picked up. Then pressing a button, the object would be picked up. Similar to how objects are picked up in the game ‘Amnesia’ or ‘SOMA’.

Upon pressing the button to pick up it locks in the middle, and the player can move with it. till he presses it again to drop the object. I’m coding in C# … if you have any idea on this approach it would help a lot.

hm i’d say make a raycast system. if ray detects the gameobject with a tag ,like interactable it can be picked up by interracting with a ui button. if picked up you might want to set it as a child of the player. with a new vector3(0,0, prefereddistancevalue).(so irs in front of the player)
if droped again use a rigidbody for gravity ecfect. so it falls down to ground smoothly. you could calculate this aswell by code.

hope you can get an idea