first person player arm

Hi All,

I would like to make FPS but also want to show the arm of my character, andy idea how to do that? I use blender for modeling and animation

Thank u in advance


It depends on how you model your character, are you modeling him whole with legs and everything or are you just modeling the gun and hands. Your question is very confusing. I model the weapon and the arms seperate and then texture them both, I then import one into the other and animate and then place in game. Or you can model them together and texture together, I just find it harder in the end if I wish to change something Then it is just camera placement to get the model in the right area. If you have modelthe whole character use clipping masks / layers/ cameras etc to only veiw what you wish to see.

If you are asking about how you model hands, google a tutorial or something to get you started, they are simple.

Hope I helped. Maybe you can make your question more precise

Peace, Aaron Lewis

Now that you have arms/guns you need to make a player controller, which you can child the gun/arms to. You could check out my FPS system or the Unity FPS tutorial.

ugg i can’t find any either

just add a model of the hand holding the gun and add it to the gun prefab folder thing