First Person Player controller for Steam VR

Please some can some one help me in this situation

i am making an steam vr horror gamewhich in which i am using i am using only single headset and a xbox controller to move and look around

so here i first imported a FPS Controller and went in player setting and enabled Virtual Reality option and selected OpenVR…which is SteamVR support …it worked… i can look around in the scene and all but …when i move the controller using WASD it moves not in the proper direction only …

Example: Start of scene i can look around when i press key W it goes forward but …
if have turned my head to the left and i press W it should go forward right no the player still moves in another direction instead of forward it moves it goes right …ie the same position the controller was as the start of game so in short my fpscontroller forward is not changed according to my camera

I am facing the same problem. Do u fine any solution?