First person shooter shoot Function

hi everybody. im a new unity an i'm trying to make an FPS game and i was wondering if anyone would could help me and show me how to make a shoot function. code can be javascript or c#.

There is no such thing as a generic "shoot function". See what you can learn from this tutorial.

We can't make all the script for you, it will depend too much what you want to make.

Try to start with simple examples like "how to rotate a object", "what is each component", "what the relationship between parents and childrens", "local and gloal movements".

After that, process with more complex examples like "what is raycast".

Have patience and learn the tutorials on the Unity website.

Good Luck.

If you want a simple yet effective "shoot" code, this could be it.

var Bullet : Transform;

function Update ()

This will shoot a "bullet" where the script is attatched to. Remember to assign the bullet prefab in the Inspector.

Oh and the Bullet NEEDS a rigidbody.