First Person View - How add hands ?

Hi everyone,

I am currently developing a game in the first person. For this I use the free asset: First Person View (Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making).

However, I have a problem. I have found no solution to add hands of my FirstPersonView camera.

I have read and seen on YouTube that it was necessary to add a 3D model and merge it with the camera in the first person view.

Could you tell me if this is true?

This is correct.

I find a very nice way to do this is to follow this tutorial

with this tutorial you will have a fully animated character to attach to your camera so you will have hands, legs and a body (in first person view if you look down)

Its much better way to add hands and easier than animating them your self

Note : there is a bit of an editing glitch in this tutorial that misses out a few key steps If you get stuck just bump on here and I will help you.

Otherwise here is a link to a package containing a nice set of arms that you can just attach to your camera (make sure you set the idle animation in the inspector)