First project for someone new to programing


I am new to the Unity community and programming in general. I am currently working through the book Unit Game Development Essentials 3.x and chose C# as the language since I had dabbled in XNA for a bit.

Once I have worked through the book I would like to try to program my own game and I had the idea of trying to make a digital version of The Spoils trading card game. Keep in mind this is just for personal use and as a learning experience, but I thought that by trying to make a digital version of an existing game I wouldn’t have to worry about game mechanics.

Do you think this is too big of a project for someone new like myself?

If I was to go ahead are there any general guidance you can give me when it comes to making a card game. Would each card be it’s own game object. Or would you make a card prefab and modify the instances at runtime to represent the different cards?

Hope these questions are not too stupid. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


If you think your programming skills are up to then the job then absolutely. But dont set too high of a bar for yourself. Happy programming, good luck :slight_smile: