First Selected GameObject Help

Hello, I’m trying to do something very simple but unfortunately can’t get it to work!

I have two Canvas’, one for my “pause menu”, another for a “quick selection wheel”.
If I drag a GameObject into the “First Selected” slot in the Event System Component, it works fine when it’s parent Canvas is active. But when the other Canvas is active, I want to switch the “First Selected GameObject” to a button in that Canvas.

Using this script I can see that the “First Selected” in the event system component changes as expected, but it still doesn’t let me select anything in the second canvas. (only the default first selected)

I’ve tried using SetSelectedGameObject() also to no avail.

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

public class FirstSelectedScript : MonoBehaviour {

public GameObject canvasPause; 
public GameObject canvasSelectionWheel; 

public GameObject pauseButton1;
public GameObject selwheelButton1;

void Update () 
	if(canvasPause.activeInHierarchy == true) 
		print("Active Pause");
		EventSystem.current.GetComponent<EventSystem>().firstSelectedGameObject = pauseButton1;
	if(canvasSelectionWheel.activeInHierarchy == true) 
		print("Active Quick Selection Wheel");	
		EventSystem.current.GetComponent<EventSystem>().firstSelectedGameObject = selwheelButton1;


Firstly Why use two canvases when you can group both menus to two different empty game objects and disable and enable the game objects? Try that. Unity does not work well with two canvases in one scene.