First selected GameObject not highlighted

I’m having some issues concerning my pause menu. My pause menu consists of a Canvas with 3 Buttons (Resume, Exit to Main Menu, Exit Game). I want the buttons to be controllable by Gamepad. To begin with I just want the Menu to work fine with keyboard and later after I figured everything out I’ll “convert” it to solo-gamepad-controls. In the Event System I dragged my Resume Button into “First Selected”. This seemed to work. The problem is, that the button isn’t highlighted. I know that the Resume Button is selected, because on pausing the game, the game continues after pressing Enter. I have to select the other buttons first (with the arrow keys up and down) to be able to highlight the different selected buttons. Does anyone know how to select AND highlight my first selected button?

Thanks in advance!

@MicDaRoc, not sure if you got this figured out, but I was having the same problem. I tried what @Isamaru suggested and it still wasn’t working for me. Then I found this thread

about using coroutines. I’m still really a beginner, self-taught programmer and have never used these before. I’m not sure if I am really implementing it correctly, but I managed to make it work for me. So take this advice with a large grain of salt. Using what @Isamaru suggested above with the following

    IEnumerator highlightBtn()
        yield return null;

  void Update () 

		if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Escape) || Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.JoystickButton7)) 
            isPaused = !isPaused;

I encountered the same issue, and this is probably due to the behaviour of the default Event System implementation when enabling some disable GUI GameObjects.

I found that deselecting and reselecting again via script works as a simple workaround (I do this in my LevelManager script):

// Deselect and reselect first button to correctly display highlight after enabling parent GO
EventSystem es = GameObject.Find("EventSystem").GetComponent<EventSystem>();

Note that doing this plays the selection fade/animation again.

once you check this thread 1 it may help you…