First time. Looking for help.

Hello im a first timer and im wondering where i should go for help. So any place to direct me would be nice thanks.

Look at this site. It is truly excellent, the best I found so far.

Also the CannedMushrooms video are pretty good. Although he sometimes talked about totally unrelated subjects.

Both teaches you really the essentials. You shall be amazed to see that most of the so-called beginner videos are not for beginners.

After, you can think on the "how to make a 3D platform game" of Unity or the various videos available on the net. this is a good tutorial series

For help...

Look up Unity3d tutorials.

this is clearly the cheeky efforts of someone regular on here looking for a response from all. If there's a way, I'd bet heavily checking the IP would match an existing users IP.

If not, and you need someone to hold your hand, here is not the place until you've learned the following:

  1. Java, Javascript, C# and all object orientated musings of the world's great programmers.
  2. Everything there is to know about Unity via online documentation of both an official and unofficial nature.
  3. All there is to know about all software for creation of content valid when imported to Unity.

Having entitled yourself to hand holding, moral support and assistance without rebuke, you'll no longer need it. All of sudden you'll find yourself heading towards 30k in reputation and wondering why everybody asks variants of the same question whilst the audience size stays the same and the names change.