First time using Unity 2019.3. Need help when build to IOS

This is my first update from 2019.2.21f to 2019.3.13f.
When I build IOS, I look at the pod file, I see the difference is:
target ‘UnityFramework’ instead of ‘Unity-Iphone’.

I still try to build it but when I use ‘pod install’ I get the following message:

[!] The Podfile contains framework or static library targets (UnityFramework), for which the Podfile does not contain host targets (targets which embed the framework).
If this project is for doing framework development, you can ignore this message. Otherwise, add a target to the Podfile that embeds these frameworks to make this message go away (e.g. a test target).

Will it affect my project? What can I do to not display this message?

This is my pod file:

target ‘UnityFramework’ do

pod ‘Crashlytics’

pod ‘Fabric’

pod ‘Firebase/Analytics’

pod ‘Firebase/Auth’

pod ‘Firebase/Core’

pod ‘Firebase/RemoteConfig’

pod ‘Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK’

Need someone help me