First time using unity and have no idea on how to get started


i just started learning unity and was wondering are they any good tutorials to help me understand unity since this is my first time using this program.

Take a look at this question: How can I start learning Unity fast (list of tutorials)

Go to Unity's showcase page, dowload any of the example projects (3rd person shooter is a good one), open it up in unity and deconstruct how it is put together. Note: look for the ".unity" scene file inside the assets folder. You will also need a working knowledge of C# or equivalent to grok the scripts that make game-play possible.

What type of game were you looking to create?

Hack & Slash RPG - Basic RPG items such as health bars, AI, fighting, ect.

Tornado Twins Game Tutorial - Great video tutorial about the very basics of Unity (this is how I got started)