Fitting in a turn around animation (Alucard-like) in a transition from facing right to the left (2D)

That question had already asked, (link:or kind of), but with no replies. The thing is, a guy have already implemented it on Unity:

link:Symphony of the Night Engine

But he’s not showing his PlayerController, unfortunately.

I 've been trying to reproduce the turning around in a simpler way, being that without the back dash, by creating a animation trigger that triggers when the FlipSprite method is called. As I recorded on video, with paused movements it’ll work fine, but when the player does a lot of direction changing without going to the idle state between those changes, the trigger, for some reason, accumulates itself while doing nothing, but as soon as the player stops moving and go to idle, that pre-activated trigger runs and the player gets its turn around animation played for no reason:

link:Turn around problem

The backdashing part seems to complicate things, so only knowing how to fit in the turning around animation would be nice.

Some images of the Player Animator:

You sure it’s not a problem with your script and not detecting it?