Fixed "angle/perspective" on 3D camera

I’m rendering some 3D elements out on top of an otherwise 2D scene. I’m using two cameras (one for the 2D things and one for the 3D things, using culling mask and clear flags).

I’d like for the 3D elements to keep a static perspective, ie. the camera or viewport changes, but angles on the 3D elements should not. Essentially it’ll be just like a flat image on top of the 2D stuff, but rendered by 3D elements.

This is what I’ve got
with perspective change

And this is what I’d like (done by just moving the recording window around…)
without perspective change

What I’ve tried:

  • Using an orthographic camera, but it doesn’t work since I need the perspective view, just from a fixed angle so to say.
  • Using render textures where I render the 3D camera into a texture that I capture on the 2D camera, but then I need the entire scene in a single texture and it generally felt like a very hacky workaround (and probably not very performant).
  • Manipulating the viewport rect of the 3D camera, but then objects won’t move, and I can only slice the view, not move the camera.

Any help or suggestion is highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

hello, i think that what you are trying to achieve can be done changing the field of view of the perspective camera, reduce it a lot, but take into account that you will need to adjust the camera position after that. (try going little by little and see if its getting closer to the effect you want to achieve)

I ended up using an orthographic camera after all. The meshes are very wonky when viewed from anything other than the orthographic camera, but it works well.