Fixed frame rate

Hi Guys,

I'm involved in building a game, that moves objects according to tracking data of real-world objects. At the moment we're running the in-house tracking software and the game on the same machine. Unfortunately, that results in the game sucking all of the resources and thereby dropping the frame rate of the tracking software too much.

Is it somehow possible to configure the maximum allowed frame rate of the Unity application?

The game is graphically pretty simple, so visuals isn't of the highest priority.

Thanks, Jonas

You can use the Application.targetFrameRate to specify a particular target frame rate, or you can enable "Sync to VBL" in your quality settings, to have your framerate lock to the monitor's refresh rate. This also has the bonus effect of reducing screen tearing.

In case anyone else is looking for this, Application.targetFrameRate() did not work for me, but this did:

	secondsThisFrame += Time.deltaTime;
	if(secondsThisFrame < 1.0f / FPS){
		secondsThisFrame = 0;

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