Fixed pipeline normal mapping on iPhone

Is it posible to write fixed pipeline "reflective shader with normal map"? If so, how?

For the programmable pipeline, check out the 4-th last shader (Example/WorldRefl Normalmap) here.

This should compile out to multiple passes in the compiled shader and I believe that would include the passes for fixed-function cards if applicable, no?

You want a cubemap reflection perturbed by a normal map, per pixel? No, that's not really possible with fixed function.

And yeah, there's no performance difference between programmable & fixed function shaders, if you do the shaders right. The programmable GPUs these days do not have any fixed function stuff, so they just generate shaders behind the scenes. In Unity's OpenGL ES 2.0 implementation we do generate the shaders ourselves, since GLES2.0 does not have fixed function stuff at all.