(FIXED)Unity never stops crashing... help ASAP

I just downloaded unity 4.6. I also have Unity 4.5 and now it won’t stop crashing every time I start up Unity!!! Is this a bug or something I did wrong?

Re-install. First, uninstall BOTH versions of unity3d. Then install unity 4.5 or whatever.
DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT install more than one version at a time, or more than once.

The reason you would not want two installed at the same time, is because SOMETIMES, it can mess things up.

Please provide more info:

  • When did this start happening
  • Do you have windows or mac?
  • How long have you used unity3d?
  • WHY, did you install unity3d multipul times without uninstalling the last?

I had to uninstall and reinstall unity and delete a asset.