Fixed Update Versus Monitor Refresh Rate

I’m working on a game where we update the position of our objects manually every FixedUpdate so that it is frame rate independent. FixedUpdate runs at 50hz by defualt (we haven’t changed it), meanwhile our game will run at probably 30 or 60 fps.

Does this have a risk of creating stuttering where our objects do move in one frame and do not move for another frame? Or at 30fps when an object updates once in one frame but twice in another?
If so, are there any known solutions?


For VSync there is QualitySettings.vSyncCount = 1;
There is also Application.targetFrameRate=60;
FixedUpdate is for calculating physics, not displaying frames etc.
To avoid movement stuttering you can use Time.deltaTime for multiplication → if frames drop delta will be bigger.

As far as I know, update and fixed update lenght depends on all code depending on them.

If you want movement independent from frames, maybe you should use time.deltatime or coroutines with yield WaitForRealSeconds


I supose you know, but look here.

you will find links to almost every part of the Unity frames/updates/render, etc.