[fixed] Xbox One: Can't Run Uwp App As Game

If I deploy the app and start it, it will run, but performance is bad (20FPS-ish). I've read that setting the app to game mode (rather than app) should help, but when I launch it, it will display a white screen with a gray box with an X in it. After about a minute, it prompts me to 'wait a full minute and retry'.

This is an original Xbox One running the February 2019 system update. The app is built as release (because the framerates in debug mode are appaling).

Solved by rebooting the Xbox.

Game mode appears to have made matters worse, adding random freezes to the already low framerate.

Have you figured out where the random freezes are coming from?

I have not, though I've found some stuff in my game that might be bad for performance. For now I've reverted it to app mode and got it to run at a constant 30FPS. High resolution shadows seem to be especially bad.

I'll let you know if I figure out the cause of the freezes.

Note that if you submit your game to the store, it will automatically run in "Game mode" because it's a game.

So the performance issues were because I had a bunch of 'mirror reflection' scripts active (IE, it was my fault). On PC, and even iPhone, the device powered through, but it seems that it was especially hard on the Xbox One.

Either way, it's running in game-mode at a very smooth 60FPS now.