Fixing a Camera viewport rect to a certain size? (So it doesn't change with the size of the gamewindow)

In my game, I’m using a minimap, and I don’t want the size to change with the game window.
I made a GUI image for the minmap to be placed in, and the Gui element doesn’t change size with the game window (since it’s set to a fixed size), but the size of the camera’s viewport changes with the size of the gamewindow. (It get’s bigger if the game is played fullscreen, and smaller if it’s played on a smaller screen)

So I want to know if there is a way to somehow fix the size of it so it doesn’t change with the window? (So it always fit’s inside the GUI slot)

Here’s a picture of where i want the camera’s viewport to be situated no matter the size of the game window: (Top right corner)

To recap, When I play the game fullscreen, the minimap becomes to big for the slot, and too small if I shrink the window.

Any Idea’s?

Ahhh, I’ve figured it out.
After exploring some more I discovered the pixelRect property of a camera, which i din’t know existed, so I used that instead of the normalizedViewportRect

In case anybody in the future needs to know, here is the code to do it: = new Rect(Screen.width - xPos, Screen.height - yPos, width, height);

For my needs, the values of the variables were all the same (212 for each one)