Flare Layer on, off?

Camera turned on by default, as per attached, and I want to control the Flare Layer, Script Reference seems to be no relevant information. Or I will not find it in? Help me to get an answer.

Some sort of bad solution there: Find all objects with flare components on them, then on/off flare components...

Sorry, better one:

Camera.main.GetComponent("FlareLayer").enabled = false;

And anything like that ;) Cheers.

I just did this and it seems to work:

Behaviour flareLayer = (Behaviour)Camera.main.GetComponent ("FlareLayer");
if (flareLayer != null)
	flareLayer.enabled = false;

Strangely, the FlareLayer class is not available from scripts (might be private or something). That’s why you can’t cast to FlareLayer class; instead, you can cast to Behaviour class.