Flash build breaks lightmaps and loads as a black screen


I’m trying to build a very simple scene into Flash, with just an imported maya file and the default first person controller.

When I hit publish, the lightmaps suddenly become blotchy, and when I open it (in any browser), the Unity logo and progress bar display and load, but the screen is black when its finished loading.

Is there anything I’m missing? fwiw, once I attempt a flash build, I can’t ever get lightmaps to bake properly again without starting the project file from scratch.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, I am not sure if this helps at all… but I made the lightmaps outside unity (I am using Blender so I created them in it) and they were ok except one building… so maybe there’s a problem with the way I modelled it… I wasn’t really experimenting with it yet so can’t tell more.
Make sure you have set the rendering quality properly (Edit → Project Settings → Quality).
For the black screen… I get black screen as well but just for few seconds and then the game appears.