Flash Build Question for 3.5 beta

I was very excited about the Flash build export ability for Unity 3.5. I did a quick look and exported a test scene with a box, cube, some lights and particles etc.

My question is the build settings seem to create an html file, a .js, .swc and a swf file. Is there going to be a way to have everything packed into the swf file?

Otherwise I’m not sure how other developers would distribute their games via Kongregate, Newgrounds etc if you have 4 interlinked files. Can anyone clear this up for me? Is this a temporary thing or just the way it is going to be?

The html and js file are to host the swf in a browser. I don’t know anything about Kongregate and Newgrounds, but I assume they have their own method for hosting the swf so you wouldn’t need them. You’d have to check with them to see if they support an external swc file. If it was your own project and you had access to the fla, you could make it internal to the swf. Otherwise, Unity would have to make it an option.