flash problem

ok so when i saved my project as a flash nothing worked at all.

i have an object where if you click on it with the mouse some arrows and a gui appear and these are moveable. all works in the preview but when i build the project nothing works at all. i even have cameras that are switched via 1 to 4 but these dont work either after i build it.

is there something that i am missing to do, i have used flash build for another project and this works fine so what am i missing.

my scenes are in there own folder does this make a difference.

any ideas would help as i am stuck on what to do

First What computer are you using. I use windows 7 home premium. It works fine. Make sure you have google chrome, flash player 11 or updated flash. Then don’t save as flash just save as project, or file. It shouldn’t matter. When I save I save as a project first, then when you work on your project, go to file and save as scene, name it what ever you want. If still have problem please contact.

so i have been looking online and tested it out myself, on a mac (dont know about windows) OnMouse functions wont work with flash, apparently this has been fixed and will be in the new release.