Flashlight origin effect

I moddeled a flashlight and added a spotlight. However, the flashlight itself doesn’t emit anything. I am trying to figure out how to light the glass part up and add some sort of cone thingy to represent that the light is actually coming out of the flashlight. I was thinking it could be done with a particle system I haven’t managed sth good so far. Please any advice or idea would be appreciated…¨


EDIT1: spotlight (not point light); added pictures of current and desired fx

Cone thingy = spotlight

Create an actual cone, put a translucent material on it that matches your light color. Hard edges result from this.

Go more advanced and create a wispy, foggy translucent texture to go on top of your cone and apply some basic UV scrolling to the material for a little better look.

Go super advanced and create a texture that is the beam effect, and manipulate a mesh at runtime so that it uses that texture and always faces the camera and has its points at the edges of the light spot and at the light origin, making it look exactly like you want.