"Flat 2D Avatar" of a 3D avatar in game - Not seen in editor,"flat 2D avatar representation " of a 3D avatar in game

Hi all and happy new year ! Best wishes

I am working on an app on HTC Vive, and i used an existing 3D model for that. There is avatars in game (Not moving at all). I have a little proble actually : When I’m in the game (In the headset) and i teleport, i see a kind of small flat 2D avatar near to the camera. If i point it and teleport in its direction; the 2D avatar gets bigger and bigger and doesn’t disappear until I’m closer to the real 3D avatar.
Unfortunately, i don’t have any snapshot, the problem is invisible in the unity editor, the ‘.exe’ window, and even in the HTC VIVE mirror.

Have you guys encountred the same problem ? Thanks

Hi all,

I am sure that the subject and the title were not that clear and i am sorry for that. Actually, I found the solution, it was related to the “Layer” that was not set to “Default”. Hope it helps for you future dev :slight_smile:

Cheers !

Hi all,

I finally found the problem. It was related to the Layer that was not set to ‘Default’. I’m sorry that the question and the title were not clear. Hope it helps for your future dev !