Flattened Sphere and BIG Flare with a FOV less than 60

Hi, i have a scene with a planet on the front of the camera, but the planet looks too flattened with the regular field of view of 60, so i changed to 15 but the camera its too far now, and that makes a light flare looks strange, do anybody know if there is a better way to set a camera for a space planet scene where the sphere dont looks too flattened horizontally, but without changing the Field Of View too much? Thank you!.

Ok, i found and interesting solution for this using another camera only for the flare and giving to that camera a standard FOV of 60, that way the main camera can have a FOV of less than 60 (to fix the flattened sphere issue) without distorting the flare, the second camera must be a child of the Main Camera to move it with this one.

This is similar to the second camera used only for the weapons on a FPS style game.

Once the second camera is created under the Main Camera as its child object, you must deactivate the Flare Layer of the Main Camera and set its Depth on 0 if its not already, then on the Second Camera set the Depth on 1, Clear Flag on Depth Only and Culling Mask on Nothing, now you can change the FOV of the Second Camera to make the flare looks different and the flare will show up on the foreground over the objects rendered by the Main Camera.

Sometimes the colliders will block the flare in a strange positions, i fix this by changing the size and position of some colliders, by now it works, but must be a better way for fixing this when the size and position of the colliders cant be changed.

Hope this helps to anybody with a similar issue.