Flick object using up swipe iOS/Android

In short i want swipe code on which my object should be flicked same as in “Can knowckdown” game.(and swipe should be performed using both finger(for Android-iOS) as well as mouse(for unity)).

I am newbie in unity and able to detect up swipe using Mouse swipe when i run scene in unity itself. But the same is not working in Android/iPhone. And i am also not able to detect the perfect swipe timing(means amount of milliseconds. I want to apply the force to object using milliseconds.
Do i need different swipe code for iOS-Android(using finger) and which i run in unity itself(i.e. using mouse )?

Please guide me ASAP.
Thanks, in advance.

Yes, you will need a different code for detecting touch related events.

Luckily, there are many gesture detection plugins out there, that make it both easy and unified for you.

  1. Input Touches plugin
  2. Finger Gestures plugin
  3. Prime31 Touch Kit plugin

And there are a few more.

vist this