Flickering/blur when moving camera on horizontal stripes only ,2D sprite flickering, *only* on horizontal lines when moving camera vertically

First of all, I’ve looked at a bunch of things already, mipmaps, antialiasing, compression, filter modes. No cigar yet.

I have a large sprite scrolling super smoothly/pixel-perfect on screen. However, I see some blur/flicker on horizontal lines when moving the camera vertically (no problems on vertical lines when moving the camera horizontally).

I could barely capture the issue. Here’s a comparison (sorry for the very low quality). You can sort of see the blur on the horizontal lines on the right, when the camera is moving. https://i.imgur.com/WNkiryt.png


Where are you moving the camera? In update or lateupdate? Use Lateupdate

No difference I’m afraid. However, now I noticed that the blur happens in both cases (horizontal and vertical lines with perpendicular camera movement). The vertical lines were more subtle though. Thanks.