Flickering Or Distorted Sprites after building.

Hello, please I need some help to save a project I have been working on for 9 months.

All of my character sprites and some of my writing sprites are either distorted or appear to flicker.
This happened in an old version of unity I use to use after importing some things the wrong way.

It seemed to have effected the whole project. I’ve tried reimporting everything into a new project but same thing happens.

It works fine in unity but after I build it, most of the sprites seem to be distorted or flicker, more likely distorted. They are fine inside of unity and in the folders, its only after building.

Here are some example images of what I am talking about:
The body of one character flickers or distorts and so does the head of another character.

and the non animated sprite M in MENU for example:

Does anyone know a fix for this problem that’s had something similar happen. I’ve tried so many things and am running out of options, as nothing works.

It could be a meta-file problem or something deeper, am unsure as there seems to be no way of fixing this project.

Please Help?

Did you fix your problem? Im facing the same issue…

No sorry. Its a unity problem, not a problem with my side of things. Or a meta-data problem, which re-building in a new project should have solved it, but doesn’t.