Flickering when using stretched particles

When I'm trying to use large amounts of stretched particles they screen seem to flicker slightly in higher resolutions, as if they all disappear or darken for a single frame. I can't quite grasp what happens exactly - the effect is very subtle, but bad enough to give up on the stretching altogether. I don't see it happening when rendering into a small window next to the editor.

May be I misused the stretched particles though. They aren't animated, but hang in place as player walks inside a cloud of points. They are supposed to appear and stretch due to the camera movement.

Try changing particle render mode. I know I had this problem some long while ago back in 2.6. I think the culprit was the rendering mode, but I don't know which one it should be. Fiddle around with the settings a while and see if you can solve it.

Sorry, my answer is a bit vague.

I know this is quite old but I just hit the same bug. My answer is that Camera.velocity (which I can only assume is used to stretch the particles) is calculated as the position delta between every Update. If some object only moves during FixedUpdate, as default rigidbodies do, then the velocity is scaled by the amount of FixedUpdates. If the position changes with mouse movement, some frames may give zero movement.

A quick fix for the rigidbody case is to set interpolation. In general some sort of interpolation or smoothing must be done.