Flip 2d character with different part

How do I flip the character with different part(example:my 2d character have red armor on his left hand when it flip right to left the armor on hand not changing to right and still stay on left hand) Im already drawing it and put it on sprite resolver . sorry if my English is bad.

I think I understand the question. If you are using a flip technique similar to this:

// Sprite Flip
if (movementInput == -1) spriteRenderer.flipX = true;
else if (movementInput == 1) spriteRenderer.flipX = false;

It will just mirror the same sprite, getting the effect you are witnessing. If you want to present the sprite to show the characters left hand on top when left, then characters right hand on top when facing right, instead of flipping the sprite you will have to change the sprite for a second one that is drawn with the right hand on top.
So, have 2 sprites. One for facing left and one for facing right. When the player moves each way, present the correct sprite