Flip guilayout box texture

I’m trying to flip a texture so that it is mirrored on the other side of the screen. It’s for a character select screen so player 2 will have a reversed image facing the other direction. If i where using GUI I would simply add a -1 to the box to flip it but GUI layout simply makes the image invisible.

Here is a sample of what I am doing.

void OnGUI () {

Texture BG_Random = (Texture)Resources.Load ("GUI/PlayerSelect/Large/Random", typeof(Texture));


GUILayout.Box (BG_Random, BGStyle, GUILayout.Width(Screen.width * 0.5f), GUILayout.MinHeight(Screen.height * 0.85f));

GUILayout.Box (BG_Random, BGStyle, GUILayout.Width((Screen.width * 0.5f)*-1), GUILayout.MinHeight(Screen.height * 0.85f));

GUILayout.EndHorizontal ();


Any thoughts on how I can do this without just flipping the image in Photoshop and doubling the memory usage?

you could do it a slightly more complicated way:

set up a camera somewhere in the scene pointed at a plane with the texture applied

just rotate the plane or set the scale to negative, to flip the texture on it

… but this might not work very well with your Horizontal layout