Flip WebcamTexture vertically

I have a problem on my Surface Book. Unity always mirrors the WebcamTexture vertically but I need to mirror it back, so I can make (a lot of) calculations. Just setting the scale to -1 isn’t a solution that is practical for me. Is there anyway to flip the texture not the image?

I believe you can use WebCamTexture.GetPixels to feed the Texture2D.SetPixels method and then I think you could set the Texture2D’s WrapMode to TextureWrapMode.MirrorOnce, or you could make two loops, one for each axis, and flip or mirror the image however you want using Texture2D.GetPixel and Texture2D.SetPixel.

Alternatively, you can use:

 renderer.material.SetTextureScale("_BaseMap", new Vector2(-1,1));