Flipped resolution ?!

Recently i upgraded to unity 3.5 and xCode 4.2 snow leopard(still).
When i use the Screen.width and Screen.height in unity the result are flipped when running on ipad or iphone. I set the app to run landscape Right. the print(Screen.width) is flipped means i get 320 in unity and 480 while running.
Any solution for this??

Yeah there is a known fault and some potential workarounds in the linked thread.

Ty very much for all help! i maybe solve this soon, the good news is that i found and manage to use this code here -
which i applied and successfully made it work. The app is loading with the right orientation, BUT now the weird thing is that this is sometime work and sometimes not! still working on it…

link text

TYYYYY : solution works
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Posted: 07:58 PM 05-24-2012
Originally Posted by Alexey
it is drop-in replacement for 3.5.2 appcontroller

replacement appcontroller.mm did not work