Flipped Texture 3ds Max

So the issue seems to be something that I don’t remember ever having when I first started but as of late ever since I got back into design has been happening frequently and I wanted to know if there’s a work around or am I just doing something wrong?

I design my characters, unwrap them, design their textures, attach said texture through the material editor, then export into unity. The model looks good (despite my poor texture skills), however it’s skin seems to be flipped when in Unity. Below is an image to show what I mean.

I’ve read a bit about this and heard it could have something to do with normals but nothing I tried with those worked. I also had this problem on my previous model which I used the collapse method but I only collapsed and it worked. The resetXform didn’t. When I try doing that with this model it turns all black and awkward and the textures no long work with it properly at all.

Sigh. I have no idea why, but for some unknown reason to me my normals must be inverted in an incorrect manner on this model in order for this model to show up right in Unity. So the image on the right which is in Unity I had to make it look like that in 3ds Max just to get it to work. I’m not even gonna ponder it anymore, just gonna move on since I got it working. But if anyone else knows why the normals are acting this way I’d love to know.