Flipping 2D skeleton + box collider negative scale warning

I’m getting the following warning…

BoxColliders does not support negative scale or size.
The effective box size has been forced positive and is likely to give unexpected collision geometry.
If you absolutely need to use negative scaling you can use the convex MeshCollider. Scene hierarchy path “Hero/BodyCollision”

… the BoxCollider is definitely not scaled in any way, and definitely doesn’t have a negative scale value.

The parent is scaled, I do this to flip the character and avoid duplicating all animations in a left and right version. This is very standard.

Why am I getting this warning?

What can I do about it? Is there a different way to flip? I guess I could use rotation…?


The real question is why do you need to flip a boxCollider?

A rectangular box flipped horizontally or vertically still the same shape and act the same. Why are you using CPU to do nonsense/unnecessary thing o_O?

If you want to change the coordinate of the boxCollider since the Skeleton when flipped isn’t in the same position anymore, that’s a different story. That just mean your box Collider’s PIVOT isn’t at its center. If you did that intentional then you’re making thing rather complicated for yourself without any real benefit.